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Experts on Viral Marketing: How to BUILD Viral Content

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The BUILD framework is a set of useful principles taken from the work of six key influential authors combined with key performance measures – and backed by the strength of Adam Mills’ 2012 SPIN conceptual model of viral marketing on social media – to increase the chance of products and ideas going viral; perfect for marketers looking to create viral success.

Examination of expert perspectives, academic research, viral marketing examples, and industry discussions include but are not limited to Malcolm Gladwell’s views on the importance of influential people in The Tipping Point (2000), Seth Godin’s recommendation to build extraordinary ideas in Unleashing the Ideavirus (2001), Duncan Watts’ work on the importance of proper social seeding strategies  and his methodological critique of other authors’ work, Chip and Dan Heath’s SUCCESs principles in Made to Stick (2007), and Jonah Berger’s views on the importance of content via his STEPPS principles in Contagious: Why Things Catch On (2014).

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