The Very Steps Your Unaware Competitors Are Ignoring. Your Chance to Get Ahead of Them…

Build Relationships and Acquire New Clients Using My Proven B2B Digital Marketing Techniques – Even If You Are in the Least Sexy Industry for Online Stuff.

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question:

How do you promote a B2B company online?

One that is targeting busy business owners and decision-makers?

It’s hard. It’s really freaking hard - at least if you have no idea what you’re doing.

But it’s not impossible. And it’s incredibly profitable if done right.

I used to do it for a living.

You see, when I started my first B2B digital marketing campaign, I had no idea what was going on. 

No plan. No research. And nobody to guide me and give me a step-by-step blueprint.

Even though I was just an employee…


Because even my boss didn’t really understand why he hired me.

I was just sitting in my office reading forums and blogs about digital marketing.

The only problem was that none of the things I read showed me how to market to a business customer online!

The first thing that immediately comes to mind? Frustration - lots of it. 

I spent countless hours spent banging my head on the wall, without trying to figure out what to do.

How to sell to those super-busy people, who so rarely use social media or check their email.

Truth is, I could not be more wrong!

That's how I used to spend time in my office - not funny at all...

But luckily - that was years ago…

And yet so many companies in which I consult have the exact same problem – they have no idea what they are doing!

You see, when you think of selling B2B products or services, what comes to mind?

Is it a Facebook fan page? Or maybe all these fancy business meetings and corporate etiquette that is so far from what you see on social media every day?

I bet it’s the latter.

And yet believe it or not - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and countless of other social media networks - all of them are a perfect place to find your audience.

It's not just cat pictures that people share on social media (though the one on the left looks cute). Nowadays, almost everyone - no matter their profession - is using at least one social media page on a daily basis.

Despite what you have been told, B2B businesses are thriving on social media.

And in email. And SEO. And even PPC.

At least those who know how to do things right.

Believe me – executives, managers and strategists at top 500 fortune companies read their emails. They use Google to search for solutions. And they are active on social media.

But you have to speak differently to them than you do to an average Joe sharing photos of his cats.

And plan your approach accordingly.

In every company that I worked, they seemed to forget about that.

And I’m not judging you or them… but let's get real. How would you judge the strategy of your company?

Answer the below questions - be honest! And think whether you are spending money on the right things and in the right way:

  • Are you guilty of sharing random stuff on your social media channels, with no prior planning or any kind of calendar?
  • Would you agree that you have little to no idea where your website visitors (and, more importantly, customers) come from?
  • There's no goal or idea behind all your content efforts - you do that because everybody does?
  • You send a massive number of sales & promotional emails to your subscribers, usually with little to no value?

I'll stop here... I think I know your answers....

It's okay. The problem I'm here to help you solve is not in the fact that you've been doing all that...

It's what happens if you don't change the way you market your business.

Let me ask you one more question:

What social media networks do you use on a regular basis?

Is it Facebook? Twitter? Or maybe LinkedIn?

No matter what’s the answer, you are most likely an active user of at least one of them. Let me emphasize that once again for you: thousands of marketers, business owners and decision-makers from around the world are using social networking sites for both personal and business interaction. In fact, many times they interact with numerous companies during their private time.

I bet you also check your email a few times a day… and search for answers to your problems on Google…

I’m also sure you know what I’m trying to show you here. Do you read your email?

I bet you do. Just like all your potential customers. It's simple. Look around - nowadays, it's impossible to stay offline!

That's why, even though B2B digital marketing sounds like the least sexy way of promoting your business (especially when you think of social media), it’s just as viable way as any other.

And it can be extremely profitable!

Here’s why you should shed your fear of B2B digital marketing… and embrace it the right way while letting your competitors wander around…

Try to Google for digital marketing tips… Ever wondered why what you find is just generic fluff, written by someone who has no idea about B2B marketing?

That’s because people believe that all products and services are sold the same way.

B2B or B2C. Doesn’t matter.

They don’t know or don’t care.

While an average Joe can act on emotions and buy a weight loss ebook in a matter of seconds, when it comes to B2B products and services, your business partners sometimes take days or even months to consult with their peers about their purchase decision.

And, even then, it's easy for them to say no.

To avoid this, you should do exactly what you would do in the “offline” world, but using digital tools:​

  • Build your brand awareness and reach out to new customers
  • Educate your potential customers on the ins and outs of your product or service
  • Establish long-term relationships with your future and current clients
  • Convert your website visitors, social media followers and newsletter subscribers into buyers

Sounds like a step-by-step formula to making B2B sales, doesn’t it?

That’s exactly what I will help you with.

I know you believe that you can’t make B2B sales without referring to the old-school methods of cold calling and sending your army of sales reps in the field…

Don’t get me wrong, these are still profitable techniques

it’s just that you can do things cheaper, faster, and with a lot less friction.

Without spending hours on meetings in fancy conference rooms only to present some stuff using presentations no one has the time or will to listen to....

Less time spent in one of those equals more time for stuff that really matters.

Especially, when you realise statistics like the below one are true:

82% of business decision-makers think that sales reps are unprepared

In fact, product demonstrations are among the least valued types of information for future buyers.


You shouldn't be.

Who would you rather buy from? An intrusive sales rep or a business that you have a great relationship with?​

The latter is exactly what I want to help you achieve.

Using emails, social media, content marketing and paid promotion.​

All of the above tailored specifically to the B2B sales process, with no generalizations or other fluff that nobody wants to read or is interested in.

Of course, sales reps will not disappear. Typical business meetings will still take place - but wouldn't it be better if instead of acting like trespassers, your sales reps were actually welcomed by prospects who are already warmed up and know you?

That's how your competitors already do business. The role of your sales team is changing. And if your business won't adapt... soon there might be no more business for you at all.

Let your sales team close deals with clients who trust you and are ready to buy.

But Rich… I’ve tried digital marketing. My company has a website and even a Facebook profile (how surprising!)

That’s great.

But tell me - what’s the reason behind it?

Do you have it because everybody does or are you looking to execute a professional social media and content strategy?

In business, every expense should have a justification.


Why do have your site?

Do you use it as a page to introduce your visitors to your company and its values, educate them and establish a relationship?

Do you get organic traffic thanks to your content?

And what about your social media:

Are you sure that you are connecting with the right people, those who are actively looking for your solutions?

Depending on your niche, your should-be customers might be active on completely different social media networks than you think...

But I’m not surprised you don’t know all that (and a lot more that you are about to learn)…

You’re busy working on growing your company.

And busy business owners and internet marketing professionals are exactly the people who will benefit from my special course I put together

Especially that many of them think they are executing digital strategy when all that they do is planning - without any real action.

And planning without executing is the same as dreaming - it stays on paper or in your head but there are no tangible results to show for all the time spent on it.

Unfortunately, the majority of books dedicated to digital marketing focus on theory. There's a lot about "planning" and "preparing" and there's very little about "doing". 

And it's doers who achieve tremendous results.

But I know you are the doer. You want your business to grow and succeed.

And I have something specially for people just like you - hard-working business owners and ambitious marketing specialists.

Who don’t want to waste their precious time and money on ineffective B2B digital marketing campaigns…


Build relationships and get new clients online – even in a B2B industry.

Tired of reading stuff that's not even slightly dedicated to B2B?

In my Toolkit you'll find everything that B2B business owners and employees of companies whose audiences consist of other businesses, CEOs, managers and other key decision-makers need to succeed online. You’re about to get instant access to my actionable tips on social media, content, PPC and email strategy for the non-sexy target market.

The Complete B2B Digital Marketing Toolkit will show you step-by-step formulas to kick-off, manage and succeed in different aspects of B2B promotion.

In fact - let me congratulate you!

You have gone really far.

Taking such a major step towards launching an effective online lead generation funnel takes a lot of courage.

Especially if you are trying to sell products or businesses to other businesses.

The toolkit I have prepared will provide you with step-by-step guidance on developing an all-encompassing digital marketing and social media plan of action.

Using smart tools to save your time and tips so easy to apply a baby could use them.

If babies were responsible for digital marketing of B2B companies, of course.

Joking aside, it’s time you changed your approach to online marketing in the non-sexy, harsh and sometimes ungrateful world of business to business marketing. And I will show you how to do that…

7 ways in which my course will help you change your company’s B2B digital marketing strategy from top to bottom – no matter if you’re a 9-5 employee or a thriving business owner.

1. Discover and use best practices of popular social media platforms in the B2B environment.

Did you know that an estimated 87% of B2B marketers apply their trade on social media and consider it to be the most effective tool for all types of content marketing? And that 80% of businesses plan on increasing the number of resources allocated to social media in the future?

You can’t afford to be left behind.

Don’t let your competitors steal your customers.

It’s hard to get your should-be clients to like you once they get used to buying at your competitors.

But there’s one even more important thing – which applies to those who have already started and abandoned their social media profiles…

Which is the worst thing you can do.

When people see a “dead” profile, they assume your business sucks.


If you can’t take care of a professional online presence of your company, who’s gonna believe you can satisfy the needs of your clients?

Not me. Neither will people who come across it.

Now I know you only have a small bank of resources to devote to tweeting, pinning, and liking.

And sadly, sometimes those scarce resources are not enough.

That’s why in my toolkit you will find straightforward guidance on how to enhance lead generation, customer acquisition, and client retention using social media.

In less than an hour a day.

Heck, you may even be able to schedule a full month’s worth of click-worthy content in a single day.

And I’ll show you how.

Let me introduce you to the first book that’s part of what you get from me:

B2B Social Media: The Complete Guide to Developing a B2B Social Media Strategy (Plus a Case Study)

Discover everything about:

  • Managing social media content creation & posting
  • Finding & targeting the right people to sell your products and services to
  • Tracking & reporting of performance metrics - track your success like the big boys do
  • Risk managing & planning for future growth of your sales funnel and company

Thanks to the contents of this book and downloadable tools that come with it, you will boost your lead generation endeavors while saving time, money, and making sure you maintain a consistent presence on social media.


And we are still talking about way #1 out of 7….

Time to move on!

2. Make planning of your strategy an easy and smooth process

How? It’s simple.

Use an editable, 7-Day Cheat Wall Chart – Your guiding light in consistent engagement.

The cheat sheet hangs on your wall and is arranged so that anyone can grasp what’s meant to be posted on any given day with just a second’s glance.

And it can be edited to suit:

  • Your branding and marketing strategy.
  • The variety of social media networks that you use.
  • Your posting schedule.

Easy and affordable way to keep you and your employees focused on the big picture. All of you have a common goal - this way, everyone can stay on track.

3. Streamline your social media campaigns with my Detailed Editorial Calendar

Ever wondered how your competitors manage to share so much meaningful content, right on time while having enough time to take care of everything else?

They use an editorial calendar. All of those who succeed on social media do that.

What is it?

An editorial calendar with a set of daily topics is your digital personal assistant that supports your ongoing engagement on social media and ensures every one of your profiles continues to uphold a consistent publishing schedule and brand voice.

And you will get it.


Designed to help you discover the optimal days and times for future publishing to keep the time you spend scheduling social media content to an absolute minimum.

Save time and boost your lead generation results. Sounds like a double win, doesn't it?

4. Always say the right thing your audience wants to hear and build a massive following

There’s nothing worse than talking to your customers in a way they don’t understand or don’t want to listen.

Even if you know how to have a casual conversation with them, you may have no idea how to engage them.

With my social media package: swipe file & cheat sheet, you get all the tools to write engaging posts in a matter of seconds. And thanks to the convenient text-length calculator, the stuff you post is always of an optimal length for your audience.

5. Find the right influencers, get their backing and grow your business exponentially

How would your business change if you could get those who have a massive following on social media to engage with your posts or even share your brand and show it to the millions of their followers?

If you are an employee of the social media department - what would your boss say if you got him the backing of an influencer?

I bet he would be walking on air, wouldn’t he?

To help you find the right person to promote your business, I’m giving you an editable list of leading social media influencers to follow and help you promote your business.

All you need to do is go over it, find the right names and start engaging with them - the relationship that you may end up building will be priceless.

Kyle B.Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Austin, Texas.

“My boss thought I came up with all that on my own – thank you!”

When I first proposed some of the ideas I’ve found in the course to my boss, I was still a junior marketing specialist. After teaching others to use some of the tools provided and adjusting some of the ideas I’ve found in your books to our company settings, my career skyrocketed and I was promoted within a few months. Thank you Rich, your toolkit has changed my career!

6. Drive highly targeted leads to your site

Would you like to attract laser-targeted customers to your website at a click of a button?

Access people who are actively looking for the solutions that your company offers?

In this case, hop on and get to reading my second book in the course – B2B Google AdWords. Developing an AdWords Campaign for a B2B Company.

This straightforward yet detailed guide is specifically designed to help digital marketers and small businesses determine the optimal use of Google AdWords during your first venture into pay per click (PPC) advertising.

No more wasting time reading strategies that are not designed for B2B businesses in the first place.

Inside, you’ll discover what Google AdWords is, why it’s preferred over other media channels, how to develop your first campaign and how to get recommendations for your future campaigns.

Moreover, you will learn how to:

  • Increase brand awareness online using PPC ads
  • Attract the specific demographic of business buyers looking for your product or service
  • Boost the number of unique and returning visitors to your website - all of them highly targeted
  • Manage your campaign in a smart way to achieve a good cost:profit ratio

But for truly mind-blowing results of both your AdWords campaign and your digital marketing efforts in general, you absolutely can’t miss #7:

7. Establish long-term relationships and maximize your profit per visitor

Not all the people that visit your site will be as targeted as the ones you can drive thanks to my B2B Google Adwords book. Some will come from search engines, social media or from a friend’s recommendation.

Just think about it. How many times have you visited company’s site not to come back to it ever again?

And many times, not because you didn’t like their offer

But simply because you forgot about them?

In fact, only a small percentage of first-time visitors will ever make a purchase or even contact your company regarding your offer. Is there any way you could make them come back?

Yes, there is.

And it’s easier than you thought:

introducing to you my third book in the Toolkit: B2B Email Marketing – The Complete Guide to Developing a B2B Email Marketing Direct Marketing Campaign.

Right now, you are probably thinking: "that’s a cool book Rich, but how can email direct marketing help me make my website visitors come back?"

Let me tell you this – gathering emails on your website and sending your subscribers messages full of value and information that they eagerly read, will strengthen your relationship with them, slowly introduce them to your company and make them come back to your site multiple times.

It's the most effective digital marketing strategy, with an average ROI amounting to a staggering 4300% That's $43 on a $1 spent!​

And the best is – it works every single time.

Just think about it - email direct marketing (EDM) converts four times more visitors than compared to social media!

What’s more, it not only generates the same number of page views as Google searches but also converts more visits into clients for B2B companies and yields a higher add-to-cart rate for ecommerce sites

And these are just a few benefits of what I want to show you:

EDM is the most measurable marketing activity out there. You can easily track email delivery, open rate, click-through rate, and conversions linked to email clicks. And data is the new gold.

You don’t need to pay any printing or postage costs. In fact, if you omit the expense of time and a small (a few bucks) autoresponder fee, it doesn’t cost you anything to send an email.

In short, when it comes to email marketing: The return on investment far exceeds other marketing efforts, especially when you consider the challenge of measuring social media ROI in terms of brand awareness and sentiment.

And I want to teach you how to create your own email marketing sales funnel.

And profit handsomely.

Because you want to profit, right?

Then take action and...​

Access my Toolkit and apply years of B2B marketing experience to your business or digital marketing career

For as little as $97 $47 one-time fee.


  • Never again send erroneous email campaign thanks to my meticulous, 28-point pre-send checklist.
  • Create subject lines that will skyrocket your open rate effortlessly using the 127 Subject Line Swipe File
  • Keep your email strategy clean and hassle-free with the straightforward EDM tracking spreadsheet
  • Produce ongoing results thanks to the 6-Month EDM Flow Chart

But wait! There's more!

Some of the additional resources that you get will let you:​

  • Learn how to take advantage of Google Shopping ads in the B2B environment
  • Write killer content – your site visitors and search engines will love! Boost your conversions and grow your SEO traffic at the same time!
  • Skyrocket your CTR from SERPS or social media thanks to eye-catching titles – all included in the 112 Engaging Blog Post Titles Swipe File
  • Boost your CTR and conversions with my special fill-in-the-blanks AdWords examples.
  • Discover all the risks and legalities of running EDM campaigns with this One-Page Risks & Legalities Training Cheat Sheet - NO LEGAL JARGON

And to show you how much I care about you success I'll toss in one last bonus:

Experts on Viral Marketing - Amazon

Experts on Viral Marketing: How to BUILD Viral Content

Would you like to growth-hack your business? Attract ten times more customers with 1/10th of a cost?

In the book I have examined several different perspectives on the viral aspect of marketing - including those of Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Duncan Watts or Jonah Berger. 

​Apart from theory, you will receive a complete framework to creating viral content together with all the key performance measures.

In a hurry doing business? I’ve got you covered – quick FAQs for you:

1. Who is the Toolkit for?

Anyone that’s responsible for taking a B2B company online will greatly benefit from what I have prepared – from SMB owners, managers, digital specialists all the way to freelancers who want to sell their services to B2B companies.

3. How is your Toolkit different from a typical “digital marketing course”?

The major difference is the fact that my Toolkit is aimed at B2B companies, their owners and employees. The vast majority of information online is focused on the B2C part of the market – and my course is here to change that.

5. I don’t have time for reading... is this for me?

Of course! As said above, books are just accompanying the Toolkit. The real value comes with all the swipe files, calendars, and cheat sheets designed to make your life easier, save your precious time and help you achieve better marketing results with less effort!

2. What’s inside? (brief version)

The Toolkit comes with 5 downloadable eBooks, 14 exclusive tools, swipe files, cheat sheets, calendars and so much more. And it doesn’t matter which channels you prioritise in your online marketing campaigns: social media, content, email or PPC - I will show you B2B aspects of each of them.

4. Why should I trust you?

Everything I’m sharing with you is based on actual field experience – there’re way too many people writing about “theory”. That’s why books are just a part of what I’ve prepared for you. I bet you’ll find all the tools just as useful and beneficial.

6. Suppose I don’t like your product. Is there a refund policy?

Of course! Because I believe that quality products can defend themselves, and I know how important is your safety when purchasing stuff online, I’m offering you a very generous refund policy – the details of which are available below:

I trust you'll like the product. And I hope you trust me...

But if at any time during the first 60 days from your purchase you decide that you’re not satisfied with my Toolkit – the books, the tools, anything – you’re free to ask for a refund. Of course, before you do that, go over everything I’ll provide you with – once you refund, you’ll lose the access to the course management panel I provide you with after you make a purchase.

I can offer you such generous refund because everything I’m writing about I’ve tested myself. That’s real value and hours spent using and testing everything I’ll tell you about. And you too can achieve amazing success – as long as you put in the work. Success comes only to those who seriously want it – and I’m sure you are serious about your business/career, are you?

Click the button below to grab the risk-free access to my B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Toolkit

For just $97 $47 one-time

Don’t be the last person in your industry to get this course.

Draw new readers to your site

Learn how to write eye-catching blog titles in a flash.

Establish strong relationships

Turn your site visitors into long-term, meaningful business partners.

Make your content go viral

Get your visitors to pass your message to others.

Become more productive

Access multiple tools that will make your life easier and save you days!

Attract buyers ready to spend

Reach thousands of business owners and decision makers online.

Master e-marketing channels

Discover the secrets of email, PPC, social media, content and email.

Spend less and achieve more

Boost your CTR and conversion rates with my secret tricks.

Convenient access 24/7

Access & download the Toolkit from a secure dashboard anytime you want.

Sounds like a LOT of stuff, doesn’t it? Don’t wait – sooner or later your competitors will find my site (hint: some of them already did)

For just one payment of $97 $47

Kate WilsonSaaS Company Founder, Sydney, Australia.

“We finally discovered what was wrong with our sales funnel!”

As a start-up, we are forced to test new things all the time… the problem being, tests rarely give you any short-term profits. Thanks to Rich’s B2B Toolkit we managed to find the weak spots in our sales funnel, established relationships and sold our product to happy and ready customers.

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​Top Photo Credit: Peter Alfred Hess/CC BY.

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