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B2B Social Media: The Complete Guide to Developing a B2B Social Media Strategy (Plus a Case Study)

Did you know? An estimated 87% of B2B marketers apply their trade on social media. They also consider social media to be the most effective tool of all types of content marketing. What’s more, 80% of businesses plan on increasing the amount of resources allocated to their social media strategy in the future. The most […]

Experts on Viral Marketing: How to BUILD Viral Content

This blog post serves as an introduction to the Kindle Book “Experts on Viral Marketing: How to BUILD Viral Content” available now from Amazon. The book offers a more thorough examination of the expert perspectives and research given here in addition to a comprehensive discussion of the BUILD framework for creating viral marketing campaigns. When […]

15 Offline Persuasive Advertising Rules for the Digital Content Marketer

 “Through persuasion, advertising creates undesirable wants.” Shelby D. Hunt   Advertisers are often criticised for using the power of words to influence readers to become customers; putting readers under a hypnotic trance to purchase undesirable products and services by slipping them subliminal messages. The fact is, advertisers are tasked with generating demand for a product […]

Slacktivism: What It Is And Why It Matters

Slacktivism, a mashup of the words slacker and activism, was first used in the 1990s—debate continues over who coined the term—to describe the positive yet small scale activities people perform for the betterment of society. Planting a tree to offset carbon emissions versus protesting at the front doors of Parliament House against the use of fossil fuels is […]

Social Media Addiction Is A Pain In The Dome: Why Rewarding Behaviour Leads To Addiction And How Developers Can Prevent Social Media Overdose

Bored? Read some tweets. Lonely? Scroll your Facebook feed. Uninspired? Browse the endless boards of Pinterest. Blue? Watch the latest funny cat compilation on YouTube. The list goes on. When a new tech satisfies a need, it becomes users’ go-to place for instant gratification and reward. There was a time when we called upon that […]

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